This is totaly post worthy, believe me :D

TARA: Willow's good at all that computer stuff, but me not so much. Do you really understand all that?
ANYA: Oh. Well, at first it was confusing. Just the idea of computers was like, "whoa, I'm eleven hundred years old. I had trouble adjusting to the idea of Lutherans."
TARA: I go online sometimes, but ... everyone's spelling is really bad, and it's ... depressing.

:D Made me smile, so much!
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No more exams...

I'm tired, I think I'm ill because my throat hurts, but I'm not sure. I still have tonnes of stuff to do, especially for my Duke of Edinburgh walk on saturday/sunday.

I'm going to (shortly) change to faerlan. I've decided I can just switch and tell everyone I'm switching rather than bother transferring all the archives. :D

I'm going to finish watching this episode of Buffy, and then go to sleep. :D Night, night!

Hello again!

I'm OK, I keep meaning to write something and then don't. :D

"People have compared the way Dumbledore was lifted up when AKed by Snape, to the apperance that the AK curse just looks like the victim has died of natural causes, and concluded that Snape's AK was not real". I wanted to quote the books, to a) work out whether they are correct, and b) whether that means Dumbledore is not dead.

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Doctor Who!!!

Where do I start?
  • JACK!!! :D I love Jack. The Doctor and Jack scene with the radiation and stuff was really well written, acted, everything. (Although the fangirl in me kept whispering "if this isn't subtext what is")
  • In the "Human Nature" episode the Doctor says how they use a "vortex manipulator" to follow them through the vortex. (kind of minor but anyway)
  • Martha said she recognized the Masters voice (after he had regenerated) so I'm thinking he was the Prime minister when she was on earth. Plus the people tapping her phone lines could have been from him.
  • The plot was a bit weak.
  • Isn't Jack kind of like a vampire?
  • The Master coming back obvious to anyone who has watched the old series or the Doctor Who Confidential that mentioned the Master; because he's the last Timelord. In fact, it was obvious since the message. But still kind of cool. :)
  • RTD was saying how they need to show that aliens aren't all bad. Well, clearly the best way of doing that is with a stereotypical 'innocent' female alien. Like for instance the tree woman in series 1 episode 3.
Anyways, do you like my new userpic?

I'm grouchy.

I had a good birthday :D my brother bought me three stick insects, yay! We've called them Athena, Ares and Artemis. I got lots of nice presents from my friends as well. The actual birthday was pretty rubbish, I spent all morning in exams and then got stuck in the exam room in the afternoon with a headache.Oh, and I got Wicked :D.

Now I have too much Pliny (for Latin) to revise in not enough time. The Latin exam was easy though today, because it was foundation tier. The maths exam was also easy.

I'm going to revise more now. (I also don't want to do German tomorrow afternoon, because I'm really bad at it. *grins*) Vale!

Doctor who! Jack! (If I squee loud enough, will they come?)

I love Steven Moffat, it has to be said. That was officially one of my favourite Doctor Who episodes ever.

Despite the fact that the Doctor wasn't in it very much, I liked that this time. Then angels were almost scary as well, I was scared for a week by Steven Moffat's first aliens, the gas mask people. *grins*

And Jack's back! It's scary how much I'm looking forward to next week's one, even by my standards. :P
JD Yeah

*gets distracted*

I finished my German. It took me an hour and a half, but I've finished it. CSI was on, but I sacrificed it so I could finish the work, aren't I a dedicated student! (Ok, so it's recorded, but shhh)

Me: Lets have a picture drawing competition during English.
Lya: Ok.
Me: How about, on the topic of fear.
Helen: Cool.

... later....

Me: I know, I can do my picture about how institutionalised tests are draining our spirits and .... *thinks* .... crushing our creativity.
Lya: .... I might do that.

I'm still irritated about the school blocking LJ, I don't know why they haven't blocked Youtube yet. Also, I've deleted my "eagle" Scrubs userpic, and I think I might delete one of the Sara Sidle ones as well. :D

We had two Science mocks in as many days. I, being in the highly strung triple science group, have been surrounded by people going "must do revision, will fail if I don't" then, minutes later "I haven't done any revision, I'm so going to fail". It' silly really, I have quite a good perspective though, kind of an outsider because I don't doubt my skills, just aim low. If that makes sense. I did run out of time almost, which I think means I should be able to recall the stuff more quickly in the heat of the exam.

Anyways, I've been informed I have 10 minutes at the most in the bathroom tonight, so I will have to hurry off. (Psst, it's my birthday in six days, lol.)
Sofia Gun

Great I'm awake!

I feel like someone's replaced my brains with some kind of glupey substance. And I know the spelling thingy doesn't like that word, which probably means I've made it up.

I'm kind of regretting buying season 4 Buffy, because as some people said, it's not very good, but I bought it anyway, and now I don't want it. It's distracting from my revision for which I drew a timetable saying: do not stray from timetable or else you will fail. So far I have done none. I mean I was buisy but not now.

Gah, I'm regressing into my old spelling habits where with has two "h"s and very two "r"s.

I'm not tired. Which is strange and disconcerning or possibly diconserting, I am tired, just not sleepy.

Today was good. (yay) I went to Young Embroiderers and then Lya came round and we went to the castle. It was fun. Then I watched Doctor Who, which I didn't think was as good as it could have been.

I might revise. He he. I might fall asleep though, but that's actualy unlikely.

(Oh damn, I've just realised I already have a tag for sleep)
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The Universe Is Taunting Me

My Buffy season 4 DVD's arrived, to be, seconds later taken away from me by my Mum. She uttered the deadly word: "Revision". I suppose that's not the Universe taunting my, as much as my mother. But at least I know the DVD's the collectors edition, rather than the yucky plastic one.

I went shopping in Birmingham yesterday, which was okay. I was a bit dissapointed with the Oasis market, because they didn't really have many T-Shirt designs apart from band ones. I did buy myself some shoelaces though. Here they are modeled by my black converses. (They design is little blue and white stars)

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